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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Midterm Mania

There's been a lot of talk (even on this side of the pond) about the upcoming US midterm-elections. It seems that the Democrats are likely to take at least one house of congress - most likely the house of representatives. What we should ask ourselves is, "What does this mean?". On foreign policy, not as much as one might think. They will, however, have the power to set up public hearings on the president's policy in Iraq. On social issues, they will likely have less effect. A lot of conservatives are claiming that if the Democrats win both houses, they will try and force "liberalism" whatever that may be down America's throat. This is complete nonsense (unfortunately). Many of the Democrats that seem to be confident of victory in "red" states and districts are, socially at least, quite conservative. Otherwise they'd have no appeal to the right-wing reactionaries that populate these districts. See Sherrif Brad Ellsworth in Indiana's 8th and former NFL quaterback Heath Shuler in North Carolina's 11th for proof. It seems that a Democratic congress might not be as progressive as one might hope.


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