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Sunday, February 10, 2008

On Suicide Bombings

Since the Dimona Bombing, all the language out of the Israeli Government - with reference to this and to the Qassam attacks that plague Sderot - has been harsh, much harsher than we have seen recently. This is understandable, although it remains to be seen whether Olmert et al are being genuine or political (or both). However, it seems to me that this harsh language is exactly what the people who send out suicide bombers want. Virtually every Palestinian terrorist organisation has claimed responsibility, and some, such as Hamas, have promised further attacks. Bombings such as this are evidently designed to change the political agenda - where before Dimona there had been cautious talk of peace being achievable in the near future (in reality Peace could happen in a day, but the protracted process allows for populations to get ready and feel comfortable with it), there is now talk of war. I would urge Ehud Olmert and his coalition to forge on with the peace, including Gaza, as only this can put an end to attacks such as this one and the firing of Qassams at Sderot and the nearby Kibbutzim. It's been a relatively long time since the last bombing, but that was - at best - a comma, only a return to the peace agenda that the likes of Hamas oppose so viciously can bring about a full stop. Hamas and the others want the government to end negotiations, they want to take peace off the agenda - that's why they send people to die in shopping malls and night clubs - I hope that Olmert, Barak, Livni and continue with the peace agenda as opposed to capitulating to the demands of terrorists.