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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Ok Ahmedinejad, you are a jackass, but you already know this don't you. You are also a racist, but you also know that. What you also are, is a two-faced liar - but that's the same old story.

What really bugs me about Ahmedinejad and his Holocaust "conference", is the grounds he uses to justify it. He paints himself to be the sole champion of free speach standing up to western hypocrisy ... hah! It is a measure of his own hypocrisy when he bars entry to people intending to address the conference so that they might show that the Holocaust did in fact happen and is not just a "Jewish myth". Khaled Mahameed, an Israeli Arab lawyer who runs the worlds first Holocaust museum catered to the Arab population (including photographs from Yad Vashem), was invited to the conference and then refused a visa by the Iranian foreign ministry because he is an ISRAELI arab. Germany attempted to gain entry for a group of Israeli survivors, but this was also denied. What a shining example of free speach on the part of Iran and its backward, theocratic, undemocratic regime.


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