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Friday, December 01, 2006

Old Scars Never Heal

A german department store has been forced to remove a collection of wooden santas from their shelves because some felt uncomfortable with the way in which their arms were pointing to the sky and thought that it resembled a Hitler salute. The department store expressed their shock at the reaction as well they should, but I think the main thing that one gets from this is that the German people are still so touchy about something that happened sixty years ago, and have never really come to terms with what they and the Nazis did. This is not constructive in any way. How is it possible to move on when you still can't bear to see a wooden figurine whose arm may or may not be in a position resembling a Nazi salute? One of the main problems is the older generations' seeming unwillingness to talk about the past. "The past is history, it doesn't matter any more" they say, but it does matter. If you can't talk about the past, then the truth gets distorted, and the historical revisionists and holocaust deniers are allowed to further spread their lies because they're the only ones talking about the past. How is one supposed to accept the truth of what happened when those who were there won't talk about? The Nazis cunningly distorted history to get the people to believe that their government had betrayed them, and it is the neo-Nazis who are distorting history now, and the apparent increase in support for neo-Nazis across Europe is testamant to the fact that their tactics are working and will work as long as everyone in Germany remains silent about what happened.


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