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Friday, April 13, 2007

The OC

I have allowed my blog to lay dormant for awhile. In between school work and sleeping I just haven't found the time to comment on anything - though there have been things worth commenting on. I have spent the last ten or so days in Southern California (Orange County to be precise) visiting relatives and have learnt a number of things:

    • George W Bush is even more stupid than you think.
    • Most of Orange County was owned by one family, who cannot spell Avondale.
    • Ladera Ranch is a bit like Disneyland.
    • They don't grow all that many oranges in orange county.
    • Congressman Dana Rohrabacher took money from a Porn mogul.
    • Don Imus is a dickhead
    • The San Diego Zoo does have Proboscis monkeys, but I can't find them.
    • Fry's may be better than Best Buy for computer equipment, but they don't stock Nikon cameras.
    • I have a relative who was one of Keith Olbermann's Worst People in the World
    • Cetaphil lotion cures headlice (see above)
    • They put a nuclear power plant on the beach.
    • I really don't want Chronic Tacos.
    • There's some nice art available in Laguna Beach (if you look hard enough).
    • You can buy an "Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governator" t-shirt at LAX, but why would you want to?
    • Everyone has an SUV (unless they are Liberals and have a hybrid).
    • Some of the beaches look straight out of the Flinstones.
    • Surfer dudes actually exist.
    • Laguna Beach had a majority for Kerry (one of only three OC areas).
    • Some people still like Bush (but the smart ones never did).
    • Too many people watch Fox news.
    • The Marriotts are Mormon.
    • The book of Mormon is a load of crap but at least they're not Scientologists.
    • Eight lanes is far too many for a highway.
    • A root beer float made with coffee ice cream instead of vanilla is just as good.
    • Koby is not and never will be short for Kobias (no matter how much you want it to be).
    • Ahi is a tuna.
    • Yehuda Matzahs were voted number one, but I still like Streits.
    • No-one in the entire US administration knows what they are doing (but that was a given, see first point).
    • An Anaheim Angels t-shirt costs $4 more than an LA Dodgers t-shirt at LAX.
    • It took almost two hours to get through bag drop off (pre-checked in the night before) and security at Heathrow, at LAX it took 5 minutes - and I felt safer.
To conclude:
Southern California (OC and San Diego) is a nice place, shame about all the Republicans.


Blogger Debbie Ferrari said...

Ha Ha...Ethan...wow, you sure are a great observer while here only ten days. I have to agree with almost all of what you said about Orange County, CA, which, as you indicated, is a pretty cool place to visit, or maybe even live.

I have been here more than 20 years and just love the diversity of this County and the thousands of things to do here on any given day. Hope you have/had a great trip back to Merry Olde, and next time you come to Orange County, visit my blog and say hi...we of wit, like to stay in contact.

1:16 am


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